This stack is designed to provide educators with the tools to create high-quality literacy instruction to improve student achievement in both reading and writing.

What You'll Demonstrate

You will demonstrate the essential components of analyzing, designing, and implementing literacy instruction through a variety of instructional strategies.

Who Should Apply

  • PK12 educators
  • Instructional coaches
  • Literacy coaches/interventionists
  • Education support professionals


Learning About Readers: Kidwatching

The educator intentionally and systematically collects kidwatching data to get to know the readers and make instructional decisions.

Making Predictions

The educator models the use of a strategy for making predictions and collects and analyzes students' predictions.

Marking Miscues: Miscue Analysis

The educator documents the miscue marking for any given text and denotes substitutions, omissions, insertions, repetitions, reversals, etc.

Analyzing Miscues: Miscue Analysis

The educator analyzes the miscues a student makes when reading to determine the degree to which students use miscues as they read and how the student constructs meaning while reading.