This stack is designed to provide educators with strategies they can use to meet individual student needs in terms of Social Emotional Learning. Specifically, educators will have a deeper understanding of what SEL is and will enhance their own awareness and perspective-taking skills to better understand their students holistically. Additionally, educators and support professionals will learn how to assess student SEL skills, implement SEL strategies to improve student social awareness and relationship skills.

What You’ll Learn

You will learn strategies to promote your own SEL skills as well as promote student SEL skills.

Who Should Apply

  • P12 Educators
  • Education Support Professionals


Identifying Emotions and Physiological Reactions

The teacher identifies personal physiological reactions to various emotions as well as describes examples of situations eliciting various emotions and describes the influence of such emotions personally and professionally.

Perspective Taking

The teacher analyzes scenarios and identifies key components of perspective taking associated with SEL competencies.

Understanding SEL

The teacher analyzes scenarios and describes examples of students with varying patterns of strengths and weaknesses in SEL competencies.

Understanding SEL Datasources

The teacher analyzes types of data sources, identifies advantages and disadvantages, and selects appropriate data sources for evaluating students’ SEL competencies.