Transforming schools requires the expertise and engagement of every educator. Teachers and administrators need support to work as an aligned team, focused on shared responsibility for identifying challenges, setting goals, and doing the work of school transformation and continuous improvement.

What You’ll Learn

This stack is designed to help educators identify individual strengths, develop teams that leverage them, and build processes that help them transform teaching and learning.

Who Should Apply

  • P12 Educators
  • Education Support Professionals


Aligning to a Shared Purpose

Educators will work with a team to identify behaviors that align with their shared purpose and create protocols that will be utilized to ensure alignment to the shared purpose.

Assessing Current Use of Time

Educator uses a tracking tool to examine how time is used in his/her classroom and /or school schedules in order to identify areas that might be redesigned to allow for more effective learning opportunities for students and/or teachers.

Building an Effective Team

The educator builds an effective collective leadership team based on individuals’ strengths in order to implement a project plan.

Cultivating a Team's Shared Purpose

The educator will identify a team of educators to engage in the design of a collective leadership project based on an identified need. The team will also cultivate a shared purpose (mission, vision, values, and goals) for their project.

Engaging Key Stakeholders

Educator considers the perspectives of different stakeholders, and then engages them in order to gain support and advance his or her leadership plan.

Managing Change

Educator develops a plan that may support other staff members, students, parents and community members to ensure an effective transition to a new approach to something in his or her school.

Redesigning Learning Plans

Educator reviews a variety of approaches to redesigning learning time and then applies the lessons learned to create a plan for redesigned learning time for his/her own classroom or school.

Understanding Leadership Strengths

Educators deepen their understanding of their leadership strengths and how to apply that knowledge to leverage strengths in collective leadership work.