Micro-credential Stacks

Micro-credential Catalog


Because the micro-credential concept is still new to many educators, we know support is crucial for success. We’ve built our mCrED menu of support and service options to flex to the unique goals and needs of the districts. We aim to create the customized support plan you need. We team up with your districts and organizations in three phases.


Supports for districts/organizations to learn, engage, and set goals for the most strategic use of mCrED offerings:

  • Deepen knowledge of micro-credentials as a lever for personalized, competency-based professional learning;
  • Clarify how mCrED offerings will work in ways that are both measurable by the district and felt by educators.


Supports to equip organizations to build personalized professional learning systems through micro-credentials: 

  • Equipping organizations to personalize professional learning leveraging micro-credentials into an existing professional development (goals, plan design, implementation, impact).


Supports to elevate the effectiveness of competency-based learning: 

  • Articulate next steps for continuing to advance the work within school, districts, and organizations;
  • Amplify the collaboration of a micro-credential system that supports organization, district, and school goals and needs.

Menu at a Glance


A three-part orientation webinar series for districts/agencies to learn and set goals for most strategic use of mCrED offerings:

  • mCrED 101
  • mCrED platform walk-through
  • mCrED systems approaches

mCrED Core

Self-directed platform access:

  • Orientation webinar series
  • Micro-credential content, submission, and assessment


Supports for amplifying effectiveness of competency-based learning:

  • Professional learning sessions aligned with micro-credentials
  • Content-specific, developed and hosted by CoE faculty
  • Strategy Design Day

mCrED a la Carte

Supports for integration of customized, capacity building processes:

  • “Design and Implementation” strategic consulting
  • Micro-credential development retreat
  • Micro-credential calibration and pilot support
  • Micro-credential release and system support

mCrED System

Supports for extending micro-credential use in personalized professional learning systems:

  • Micro-credential development for co-issuers and third-party micro-credential development
  • Hosting of third-party micro-credentials on mCrED platform
  • Consultation for integrating personalized professional learning leveraging micro-credentials into an existing professional development system (goals, plan design, implementation, impact)