While CarolinaTIP does not replace the invaluable support a teacher receives from their school and district, the program does provide an added layer of support for novice teachers. Program support is anchored on the principle of offering teacher-focused support that is responsive to the individual needs of the teacher and targeted at increasing their hope, confidence, and capacity. Due to the program’s external, non-evaluative nature, CarolinaTIP is uniquely positioned to supplement the necessary, beneficial induction support offered by districts and schools.

In addition to coaching, sessions, and community, participating teachers are provided the opportunity to engage in personalized professional development through microcredentials. Program participants are also provided the opportunity to take a graduate course designed to help new teachers transform their classroom management, at no cost to the teacher.

2017 – 2018

  • 18 schools
  • 4 districts
  • 15 teachers (all Year One)
  • 1 coach

2018 – 2019

  • 30 schools
  • 5 districts
  • 67 teachers (54 Year One, 13 Year Two)
  • 6 coaches

2019 – 2020

  • 52 schools
  • 6 districts
  • 109 teachers (63 Year One, 33 Year Two, 13 Year Three)
  • 13 coaches

2020 – 2021

  • 70 schools
  • 6 districts
  • 130 teachers (45 Year One, 57 Year Two, 28 Year Three)
  • 15 coaches

2021 – 2022

  • 90 schools
  • 9 districts
  • 192 teachers (116 Year One, 35 Year Two, 41 Year Three)
  • 20 coaches

CarolinaTIP is currently supporting teachers district-wide in six Midlands school districts:

  • Kershaw County School District
  • Lexington School District Two
  • Lexington School District Four
  • School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties
  • Richland School District One
  • Richland School District Two

CarolinaTIP also supports small groups of teachers in:

  • Berkeley County School District
  • Colleton County School District
  • Orangeburg County School District

Program Recruitment Video:

Program Overview Slideshow:


January is typically a challenging month for teachers. After a recent workshop on 'Navigating Challenges to Create Change and Find Hope' we asked #CarolinaTIP teachers "Where did you find hope today?"

Check out their answers:

Second-year teachers in CarolinaTIP navigate challenges together. Seeking and creating solutions for positive change - for themselves and their students. Finding hope through community, coaching, and workshops. @Carolina_CrED http://carolinatip.org

Lack of self-efficacy in classroom management is a precursor to teachers leaving the profession. Data show novice teachers who participate in CarolinaTIP grow in confidence as they build an effective foundation for reaching and teaching all students. http://www.carolinatip.org

We were proud to share how CarolinaTIP is positively impacting teacher retention with education leaders on the SC Teacher Recruitment and Retention Task Force last week. #SCEducation #SCTeachers

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