This stack is designed to provide administrators with the competencies necessary to identify educators with leadership potential and support their development as leaders in a collaborative/collective setting where the team strives toward establishing the seven conditions for collective leadership.

What You'll Demonstrate

You will demonstrate competencies that will de-silo work, create an action orientation, and reach flexible solutions and that will create a culture of shared responsibility.

Who Should Apply

  • P12 Educators
  • Education Support Professionals


Analyzing a Dataset

The educator effectively identifies and analyzes a dataset tied to an instructional or professional goal.

Identifying Team Roles

The leader of a project effectively identifies roles/tasks that will help the team grow while collectively meeting a goal.

Leading a Dataset Conversation

The educator incorporates data into an accessible and productive conversation tied to an instructional or professional goal.

Planning a Pre-Mortem Exercise

School leaders plan the necessary elements of conducting a pre-mortem or prospective hindsight exercise for an action/strategic plan being implemented in the school.