This stack is designed to illuminate the positive attitudes and responsibilities that an education professional must exhibit that center around the belief that all students (and people) have value and the ability to succeed.

What You'll Demonstrate

You will demonstrate the positive attributes and professional responsibilities that an educator must embody.

Who Should Apply

  • PK12 educators
  • Instructional coaches
  • Education support professionals


Demonstrating Community Involvement

The educator examines the role they currently play in supporting school activities and events and demonstrates active support for school activities and events.

Fulfilling School Responsibilities

The educator accepts leadership responsibilities and assists peers in contributing to a safe and orderly school environment.

Growing and Developing Professionally

The educator selects and actively engages in a professional development activity and implements the new learning in their practice.

Reflecting on Teaching

The educator develops self-reflective assessments of their own teaching by examining student achievement data and utilizing it as a tool to guide further instructional decisions.