This stack is designed to provide early childhood educators with strategies they can use to effectively engage children in learning.

What You'll Demonstrate

You will demonstrate how to design and implement classroom experiences that support the learning of children from age three to grade three.

Who Should Apply

  • Early childhood teachers,
  • instructional coaches,
  • and other educational support professionals


Creating Learning Centers

The educator creates learning centers intended to effectively enhance and enrich children's learning in an early childhood learning environment.

Creating Responsive Routines - Rest Time

The educator creates a rest time routine that is responsive to children’s needs.

Developing Language Through Play

The educator provides evidence demonstrating how students engaged in various language practices to support language development in the context of play.

Documenting Progress with Portfolios

The educator collects evidence of a child’s development in a portfolio to document progress over time.

Embedding Literacy Experiences: Play

The educator provides evidence demonstrating how students engaged with various types of literacy experiences in the context of play.

Facilitating Learning Centers

The educator develops and implements a management plan for effective utilization of early childhood classroom learning centers to enhance and enrich children's learning.

Using Observations: Next Steps

The educator uses documented child observations to identify developmental next steps outlined in the South Carolina Early Learning Standards.